You’ve seen those inexpensive reading glasses or sunglasses on the rack at the drugstore; and, you might have thought to try them. It makes one wonder though: What makes a really good pair of eyeglasses work? Why does it matter if one chooses a high-quality pair of glasses or something cheap? At Absolutely Optical, our Tampa Optometrist is here to give you the help you need to find the perfect pair of glasses.

How Eye Glasses Work

Your eyeglasses work by changing the way light is focused on when entering your eyes. Together, you and the Optometrist can work to update your prescription as your eyes grow and change over time. The Optometrist can determine the exact prescription that you need—even taking into account the best size, shape, and thickness of the lenses in the glasses. There are also several options for lenses, including lenses that adjust to the sun, prescription sunglasses, bifocals, progressive lenses and more. Even the brand and optical design of the actual lens makes a difference in how well you see.

Why Quality Matters

It can be tempting to get a cheap pair of glasses, but it’s truly better that you seek the highest quality eyeglasses you can afford. Cheap glasses are likely to lose their adjustment easily which makes them slide down. Often those glasses have more distortion in the lenses or break more easily. When you purchase glasses without seeing an Optometrist, you’re missing a valuable health screening of your eyes and general health. When you come in to see our Optometrist, he will talk with you about the type of high-quality eyeglasses that make the most sense for your needs, and we’ll help you choose from our wide selection of frames to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.

Call Our Tampa Optometrist

If you’re ready for a new style of glasses or think that your prescription may have changed, it’s time to see our Tampa Optometrist at Absolutely Optical. Whether you’re a new patient or you’ve seen us before, we’d love to help you see clearly for years to come. Give our Tampa office a call at 813-348-9696 to learn more about how our optometrist can meet all of your eye care needs.

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