Proper eye care is crucial for insuring good vision. Maintaining eye health is essential to day-to-day life, because even general health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes might show themselves in an eye examination. Having regular checkups with an optometrist or ophthalmologist can help you detect any potential problems early. At Absolutely Optical in Tampa, we believe that regular eye checkups offer the following benefits:

Early Detection of Glaucoma

As data shows, glaucoma is a leading cause of sight loss and blindness, yet it can be successfully treated if caught early. During a checkup, an optometrist will measure your eye pressure to detect glaucoma before it causes significant damage to your vision. Pediatrics also help in the early detection of congenital glaucoma, a condition that affects infants.

Detection of Other Eye Conditions

An eye exam can detect many other issues like macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal detachment in their early stages before they cause significant damage to your vision. Professional eye care is crucial in diagnosing and treating these conditions early to prevent long-term complications.

Prescription Updates

Your vision has the potential to change over time and many people do not even notice when their prescription has changed without having an actual exam. While your family doctor can inform you about noticeable changes in your vision, an eye exam can provide more accurate results and help you get the best eye prescription. Getting the right prescription quickly can prevent significant eye strain and headaches.

Improved Academic Performance

Pediatrics are critical for school-aged children, who should have their vision checked once a year. Early detection and treatment of any issues that arise can ensure that children perform well in the classroom. Poor vision can make it difficult for students to keep up with their studies, so regular checkups are essential for maintaining academic performance. It is best not to depend on school vision screenings as they can miss some eye problems in the early stages.

Contact Our Family Doctor for Eye Care Services

Eye checkups are essential for optimal vision health. Absolutely Optical in Tampa provides comprehensive vision exams that include checking refraction and eye pressure, a detailed assessment of your eyes’ overall health, visual field testing to detect any blind spots or abnormal nerve function, and screening for different eye diseases. Contact us today at (813) 348-9696 to schedule an eye examination.

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