The beauty of a sunny day is quickly forgotten when you are blinded by the glare of the sun. Dr. Weil at Absolutely Optical, your optometrist in Tampa, can prescribe you polarized glasses that will protect your eyes from the annoying and sometimes dangerous hazards of bright sunlight.

What are polarized glasses?

Polarized glasses are glasses that have been specially treated to filter light. Light bounces off uneven objects at varying angles. But when light is reflected off a smooth surface, like the surface of the bay on a calm day, it is all reflected at just one angle — right into your eyes.

Polarization blocks some of the light passing through a lens, something like a mini blind behind a window. A special chemical applied to lenses makes them suitable for polarized glasses that permit enough light for you to see clearly without the overwhelming reflectivity that can leave you temporarily blind when you drive, boat, or fly. Typically, polarized glasses block horizontal beams of light but transmit vertical beams of light to minimize glare.

How much protection can I get from polarized glasses?

The image you see through polarized glasses is a little darker than usual, but polarized glasses make it much easier to see detail. Objects are clearer and sharper than usual. Many people who wear polarized glasses report that they feel less tired after a day in the sun. And people who wear polarized glasses for activities on the water report that it is much easier to see objects beneath the surface of the water, such as fish or water hazards, with polarized glasses than without.

Polarized glasses can also be helpful in special situations. Some people suffer glare after cataract surgery. Sometimes polarized glasses correct the problem so removing the implanted artificial lens is not necessary. Tailors, seamstresses, metal workers, fishermen, and even surgeons use polarized glasses to help them see better as they perform their work.

There are just a few situations in which regular glasses are preferable to polarized glasses. Polarized glasses make it harder to see liquid crystal displays (LCD screens). People who wear polarized glasses may need to take them off to use an ATM. Polarized glasses also may make it harder to read an LCD dashboard display in a car, boat, or plane. But for almost any outdoor activity, polarized glasses improve vision over ordinary glasses.

Get prescription polarized glasses from Dr. Weil at Absolutely Optical, your optometrist in Tampa.

You don’t have to get a prescription to buy polarized glasses. They are available over-the-counter anywhere sunglasses are sold. But if you get your polarized glasses from Dr. Weil at Absolutely Optical in Tampa, FL you can also get your annual vision checkup plus any adjustments you need for contacts, sports vision, night vision, or vision correction all in one trip. Make your request for an appointment at Absolutely Optical online or call us at  (813) 348-9696 today!