Eye disorders and poor vision are common problems for people of all ages. At Absolutely Optical, in Tampa, FL, we know that eye health begins with a comprehensive eye exam.  Many times a prescription change is all that is needed; however,  we can also address any eye conditions that you have.

Common Eye Conditions

We offer treatment for many common eye conditions. These include dry eye, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common problem affecting millions of Americans annually. Mild cases may be treated with over-the-counter eye drops. However, more severe cases require treatment from an optometrist.

Symptoms of dry eye include burning or itching, feeling like something is in your eye, vision problems, eye strain, and light sensitivity. Dry eye can be treated in many ways, including over the counter or prescription eye drops.


Glaucoma is a common problem. It used to be thought that it was only in older adults; however younger people also can get it for a number of reasons.  It occurs when the pressure within the eye increases to a level which can damage the retina cells.  It typically affects the peripheral, or side vision at first; so, it often goes unnoticed.  Eventually it will affect straight-ahead vision. It can be treated with prescription eye drops, surgery, or oral medications.


Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Over half of Americans 80 or older have cataracts or have had cataract surgery. Cataracts impair vision and can cause sensitivity to light. Surgery to treat cataracts involves removing the deteriorated lens within one’s eye and replacing it with artificial lens.

Vision Problems

We treat various vision problems, including myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, means that you see things better up close than at a distance. Farsightedness means that you can see  better at farther distances than up close.  Even so, the vision may not be perfect at either position.

Astigmatism causes blurriness with both near and far vision. Other symptoms include headache, eye strain, and poor night vision.

Presbyopia is when the aging of the eye causes the lens within the eye to lose the ability to flex and adjust focus. It usually occurs around the age of 40.

Vision Correction Treatment

Your eye doctor can offer several options for vision correction.

Glasses are one option. Glasses are worn during the day, and the corrective lenses compensate for your vision problems.

Contacts are another option. Some types of contacts are reused (with careful nighttime cleaning)  while others are designed to just be disposed of daily.  We are not recommending sleeping in any soft contact lens for a number of reasons.

LASIK surgery can offer vision correction by reshaping the cornea. It’s used to treat astigmatism, myopia, and farsightedness. The results are never permanent, but can actually last many years, or even decades.

Ortho-K is another vision correction option. This treatment uses a specially designed type of hard contacts to gently reshape the cornea, which corrects refractive errors without having actual LASIK surgery. These special contacts are worn at night, and taken out in the morning. While you sleep, the lenses will change the shape of your cornea. When you awake the new shape of the cornea will hold for most of the day. If you stop wearing the contacts, the cornea will go back to its original shape.

Eye Condition Treatment at Absolutely Optical

If you need vision correction, eye condition treatment, or an eye exam in Tampa, FL, contact Absolutely Optical at (813) 348-9696. Our doctor of Optometry, Dr. Weil, has the experience and knowledge needed to correct your vision problems. We offer treatments for common conditions, including vision problems, dry eye, and cataracts.